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DVT – German Federation of Technical and Scientific organisations

(Deutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Vereine)
In 1916 DVT was founded as an independent umbrella organisation by its initial members VDI, VDE, VDEh, STG, VDCh (today GDCh) and DAI.*
Today the DVT, located in Berlin, is the roof organisation of some 45 non-profit associations within the field of science and technology. Their scope ranges from microelectronics to material sciences and geology whereas their individual members amount to some 350.000.
The organisation
The organisation - at its Berlin headquarter - has a CEO and one member of staff who execute the decisions of the Executive Board. The Board comprises twelve persons from industry and academia. The General Assembly is formed by the member associations and convenes once a year to decide upon financial and other issues of paramount importance for the development of DVT. However, decisions taken by the Board are often prepared by technical committees whose members work on special topics like accreditation or curricula of engineering studies.
Aims and tasks
DVT deals with problems and questions of overriding importance from natural science and technology and represents the interests of engineers in relation to science, economics, society, politics, and administration. The DVT forms the link between its member associations on the one hand, and the economy and the political realm on the other hand. For instance, educational and research matters are regularly discussed with members of the federal parliament in so called “parliamentary evenings” or “parliamentary breakfast sessions”. In such meetings, member associations will have the opportunity to present their expertise and arouse the interest of parliamentarians for particular engineering disciplines and their problems (e.g. medical or nuclear technology).
With this network DVT offers for its members a platform for information exchange, co-operation, and mutual development.
The DVT especially focuses on
• promotion of technology and natural sciences (by publications, press releases etc.)
• international activities (e.g. representation in European and/or international bodies like FEANI or WFEO)
• assurance of future generation engineers (through promotion of prizes)
• services for members (like seminars or newsletters on a regular basis).
Last but not least DVT assigns the EUR ING certificate on behalf of FEANI and therewith contributes effectively to improve engineers´ mobility in Europe.

Initial Members

* VDI – The Association of German Engineers
VDE – The Association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies
VDEh – The Steel Institute
STG – The German Society of Maritime Technology
VDCh (today GDCh) – The German Chemical Society
DAI – German Association of Architects and Engineering Organisations